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Kritische Artikel des "Parliament Magazin" (Juli 2016) über die Feuerwaffen-Richtlinie.
Artikel sind auf Seiten 10,11, 14, 15 und 16.
Wegen der Länge kopiere ich nur den Anfang herein.

https://www.theparliamentmagazine.eu/ar ... -july-2016

Seite 10:
Unprecedented interest
Stelle nur mal die ersten Zeilen rein, denn die Texte sind etwas länger.
It is right that we close the current loopholes in EU firearms legislation, but the Commission’s proposal has been very poorly dra ed, writes Vicky Ford ...
Seite 11
Over the last seven months, MEPs have been attempting to re-write what is arguably one of the most misguided legislative proposals ever presented to the European Parliament. Barely one week after the Paris terrorist attacks that shook Europe, the European Commission published its proposal to amend
the Firearms Directive, presenting it as an urgent response to terrorism. In reality, it was a rushed conclusion to a process that was initiated three years earlier. ...
Seite 14
The EU Firearms directive -
a case of fraudulent labelling ...
Way back, in October 2001 the EU published “European Governance - a White Paper”
(C 287/1) starting with prophetic sentences like “Many people are losing confidence in a poorly understood and complex system ... many Europeans feel alienated from the Union’s work ... Policies
must be effective and timely, delivering what is needed on the basis of clear objectives, an evaluation of future Impact and, where available, of past experience.” Now with Europe still shaken to the
core by the outcome of the Brexit referendum, politicians and journalists wonder aloud why so many EU citizens - and not only in Britain - feel totally alienated by the EU’s undemocratic decision-making. Alas, for an object lesson in European bureaucracy, one does not need to look further but
to the arbitrary proceedings of the disputed DG Home Firearms Directive, its misguided “Task Force” and highly questionable “Expert Group”. ...
Seite 15
Protecting the firearms market
The Commission’s proposals for new firearms regulations risk penalising law-abiding citizens, when
Europe has been struggling with numerous threats; chief among them being terrorism. The recent events in Paris and Brussels clearly showed the large and deadly scale of this problem. Yet in the fi ght against terrorism, we have started to Forget about the personal freedoms that we are slowly losing, all in the name of security. Does being safe really have to mean being defenceless?
it is criminals we should be going a er, writes Robert Iswaszkiewicz ...

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